Cylinders For Tobacco Market

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Introduction

  • Processing range

  • Feature

  • Feature

  • Precautions

Cylinders for the cigarette boxes, including butts, tear tape, lining paper and tag paper etc. Yunshen is the pioneering manufacturer of cylinders for tobacco market specialized in the industry for more than 20 years, which is the printing tool production unit designated by the Shanghai Tobacco Group. The quality people and advanced equipment provide you with the topping services.

  • Size: diameter φ: φ120mm ~ φ350mm; Length: 300mm ~ 3000mm; With/without shaft;

  • Base material: Seamless steel tube, the wall and plug-in thickness are customized as customers’ requirements

  • Technics:
    Electro-engraved cylinders Line 30L/cm ~ 200L/cm, angle 30 degrees to 60 degrees, Depth 10u ~ 70u;
    Laser engraved cylinders Line 50L / cm ~ 120L / cm, angle 0 degrees to 90 degrees, the dot parameters can be variable as demands, Depth 15u ~ 100u.

  • Press run: 1 million turns can be reached in the newly-made cylinders. The continuous printing volume can be 2 million meters without damaging the cylinders as the practical feedback by our customers.

  • Stability: As the pioneer who applies the whole-process color management technology to the gravure printing, the gradation rendition rate 90%, the stable repeat performance puts an end to the reproduction chromatic aberration.

  • Text: The text after pre press process is engraved with the laser or mixed engraving technology to guarantee the clear font and minimum height can be 0.5mm.

  • Security: The security patterns are designed using the top Founder SuperLine ToolKit and developed by our team work with ink suppliers, including Group flowers, relief, latent image, unlock, miniature. 

  • Backing colors: To advice our laser technology used in backing color with great ink transfer, smoothness and tolerance within 1.

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Equipment priority ensures the quality

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Application area: Cigarette outer pack (hard case carton, hard case, soft case carton, soft case), tear tape, lining paper, tag paper, butts (filter);

  • Customers: Shanghai Tobacco, Shanghai Jinding, Shanghai Lifeng, Shanghai Jinye, Jiangyin Liantong, Huzhou Tianwai, Shanghai Taen, Gaoyou Weixing, Zhejiang Rongfeng, Dare Global etc.

  • Market Orientation: Domestic topping tobacco brands such as Chunghwa, Nanjing Cigarette, ZNH, Liqun, Hongyun Tobacco etc.

  • Printing plate should be used within 3 months after production;

  • Before the cylinder mounting, wipe out the protective oil on the surface with solvent;

  • Touching with bare hands is prohibited when loading/ unloading/ handling the cylinders;

  • Cleaning the residual inks within 15 minutes after the shutdown to avoid blocking the cell;

  • Stored in the condition of ventilating, dry, temperature(-5~40℃ ). Special protective measurements should be taken among storage, placed along with acid-base corrosive material is strictly prohibited.

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