Direct Laser-engraved Seamless Roller

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Introduction

  • Processing range

  • Features

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Application

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Precautions

The image is directly engraved on the black rubber roller, the letterpress plate can achieve seamless printing.

Printing Principle: Mounted in a flexographic press, replacing the printing plate unit in flexographic press.

  • Material: laser direct engraved seamless blanket roller with black only

  • Specification: Length (L) 100 ~ 4000mm, Diameter (Ø) 50 ~ 600mm

  • Cycle: 15 days

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Seamless printing is achieved by seamless roller;

  • Imported sleeves with high price and longer processing cycle(imported sleeve ¥5/cm²,the seamless roller’s price is 2/3 lower than the imported sleeve), the cycle of seamless roller is only 15 days while the sleeve 4 months. 

  • Save the bi-face glue cost, avoiding the printing issues caused by the uneven gluing thickness.

    • Application: Adapt for flexo-printer

    • Type of inks: UV ink, water-based ink, solvent-based ink 

    • Products: Wall paper, back LOGO, tape, non-woven fabric, notebook etc.

  • Packing: Packed with protective method such as wooden box. Inner side with protective film. Apply protective oil on the surface and wrap with plastic film.

  • Shipping: Cylinders should be flattened while shipping. Prevent bump, fall, hit, stampede, rain-dropping, exposure, chemical corrosion.

  • Usage: a. Put into production within 1 month. b. Clean the surface with solvents and check before using. c. Touch the cylinder surface with bare hands is prohibited when dismantle and move the cylinders. d. Clean the inks within 10 mins after work stops to avoid blocking of cells. e. Wrapped with black film after cleaning and put it into a closed box.

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Storage: Roller should be stored in the ventilated, dry places with temperature (4~35)℃ and relative humidity (30%~75%). Special protective measurements should be taken among storage, placed along with acid-base corrosive material is strictly prohibited.

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