Ceramic Gravure Anilox Roller

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Introduction

  • Processing range

  • Features

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Equipment processing

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Applications

The Ceramic anilox roller is usually used as a ink transfer roller on the printing press, which can not transfer patterns itself. The ultra-fine Cr₂O₃ ceramic material are melted instantaneously by plasma spraying and performed on the surface of steel base by the flame flow, the high-hardness ceramic layer is formed after chilling and then the layer is grinded and polished. The dot on the layer engraved by the laser engraving machine, which ensures the ink transfer and excellent wear endurance.

  • Diameter: 25-600mm

  • Largest work width: 4800mm, with shaft 5250mm

  • Engraving angle: any angle

  • Cell form:hex, line pattern,quadrangle cell,cobra,through-cut and so on. and so on.

  • Wear resistance: the layer thickness is more than 0.25mm, the hardness is over 1300HV, the press run can be over 5 million meters. The maximum printing output was 60 million meters ever as the actual feedback by the customer.

  • Corrosion resistance:the extra- NiCr under, plasma spraying technics, the corrosion resistance performance is improved over 300%

  • Homogeneity: direct engraving with the fiber laser, the dot and printing consistency is reached with color tolerance within 1.

  • Precision: the inking volume tolerance is less than 5%

  • Line range: Inch 50-1200 L(Metric 20-500 L)

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Shelf life:12 months

  • Main material: seamless steel tube or special AL alloys, imported powder.

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Machine: Coating system of 3 negative pole, Britain (ALE) Laser Engraving machine, precise grinding lathe.

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Main measuring instruments: Britain cell meter, thickness meter, hardness meter

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限The anilox roller is widely used in the fields of color coating, gluing, glossing, release agent and gravure machinery plant.

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Representative customers: Shanghai Golden Leaf, Shanghai Feng Yi, Zijiang spray aluminum, Danyang Daya, Jiangyin Lan Tian, Wuxi Dai edge, Anhui Antai, Hefei Kurz, Zhangjiagang Bennet and so on.

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Representative products: gold and silver cardboard of cigarette box,  electrochemical AL film, UV Varnish paper, leather under color, decorative paper.

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