Electro-Mechanical Engraved Plate

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Introduction

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Processing range

  • Features

  • Application

  • Precautions

Electro-mechanical Engraved Plate

抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Gravure cylinders processed by electro-engraving machine.

抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Shanghai Yuncheng is the leader of the plate-making industry with considerable size of HELL high-speed engraving machines imported from Germany and with annual cylinder production capacity of 120,000 pcs.

  • Hollow Cylinder

  • Length:300mm ~ 1350mm

  • Diameter:130mm ~ 350mm

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Plug-in Size:70mm ~ 105mm

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Line:50L/cm ~ 120L/cm

  • Stylus Angle:110° ~ 140°

  • Engraving Depth:25 U ~ 60U

  • Dot Shape: Diamond, Flattened rhombus,Elongated diamond,Coarse mesh rhombus

  • Press Run: Output of the newly-made cylinder reaches 800 thousand turns. The Max repeat can be 1.7 million meters as the actual feedback by customers.

  • Base Material: Seamless steel base solved the quality issues of welding dots and unsmooth surface caused by the former base material such as rolling plate and welded tube.

  • Stability: the entire production line entirely by the computer center control, to avoid the manual production line prone to electroplating solution instability, uneven coating thickness, uneven laser corrosion and other issues

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Color Management: As the pioneering company which applied color management into the full-process of plate-making to printing, we have accumulated rich experience in color management through more than 20 years’ exploration and practice.

  • Spot Color Library ---- We have established more than 1300 special color libraries through our large number of preparations to achieve the high spot color rendition between digital proofing and printing results, which overcame the difficulty in spot color rendition.

  • Machining: the first automation production line among the industry in China. Instead of the manual labor, the ATC improves the tool precision and reduces the errors and non-standard operations.

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Electroplating, engraving: introduced the Germany automatic production line (Cu-plating / Electro-engraving / Cr-plating integrated). Automatic production line replaced the traditional manual operation, which improves the accuracy and reduces the errors and other problems caused by the manual labor.

  • Cu post-processing: the Germany automatic polishing line (milling / grinding/polishing integration) Automatic production line replaced the traditional manual operation, which improves the accuracy and reduces the operational errors and other problems caused by the manual labor.

Substrates: soft packaging materials such as film, paper, foil etc.

抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Customers: Shanghai Zijiang, Unilever, Jiangyin Baobo, Jiaxing Jinshi, Shanghai Yuhui etc.

Brands: OMO, Nestle, Lay’s, Alpenliebe, Want- Want, Nongfu Spring, Jinmailang, M&G, Mengniu Dairy, Bright Dairy etc.

  • Packaging: painted with the protective oil before packaging, wrapped with soft material (soft paper, film etc.), then packed with blankets or corrugated paper. For long-distance shipping, the protective packaging such as wooden or steel boxes are needed.

  • 抖淫app破解版_抖淫app破解版2019_抖淫app破解版无限Transportation: prevent from bumping, falling, rain-dropping, exposure to sunlight and chemical corrosion.

  • Notice: a. Put into production within 3 months. b. Clean the tool surface with solvents and check before using it. c. Touching the cylinder surface with bare hands is prohibited when dismantle and move the cylinders. d. Clean the inks within 15 mins after work stops to avoid blocking of dots. e. Pack the cylinders as “#1.” requirements after cleaning.

  • Storage: Stored in the condition of ventilating, dry, temperature(-5~40)℃, relative humidity less than 65%. Special protective measurements should be taken among storage, placed along with acid-base corrosive material is strictly prohibited.

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