About us

Shanghai Yuncheng Plate Making Co.,Ltd is a professional production of various types of gravure printing roll enterprises, over the years committed to gravure printing manufacturers to provide high-quality version of the roll and the perfect service. Company under the Shanxi Yuncheng Plate Group Co., Ltd., is one of its nine headquarter. Since the establishment of the company in 1994, after more than 20 years of healthy development, the product from a single packaging version to a wide range of products: packaging version, cigarette, wallpaper version, wood version, leather version, ceramic version, The market from the country to overseas, twenty years, to achieve a leap-forward development. Has become the East China region gravure printing industry one of the few outstanding suppliers in the East China region enjoys a high reputation.
The company is headquartered in Shanghai, China International Automobile City - Jiading District Anting town, located in Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed, 312 State Road Interchange, location and convenient transportation.


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